10 Facts About Jesus’ Second Coming!


This video takes a look at the things in the Bible that will happen when Jesus returns. Each Biblical fact focuses around the prophecies of His return: how Jesus will return, the rapture of the church, signs to look out for near His return, the secret rapture and the reign of Jesus on earth. All of the facts mentioned are from the Bible.

The 10 Facts:

Fact 1: Bible Prophecies have predicted Jesus’ second coming well over 1,000 times.
Fact 2: Jesus Himself promised that He would come back a second time.
Fact 3: The second coming of Jesus will be seen by all.
Fact 4: The feet of Jesus will not reach the ground when He returns.
Fact 5: Jesus will have all of His angels with Him at His second coming.
Fact 6: No one knows when Jesus will return.
Fact 7: There will be signs that show just how close the coming of Jesus really is.
Fact 8: The world and all the wicked will be completely destroyed at the return of Jesus.
Fact 9: When Jesus comes, He will execute judgement.
Fact 10: A special Resurrection will take place for those who crucified Jesus.