Bill Maher vs. an Intelligent Christian


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Ross Douthat author of “Bad Religion” and columnist for the New York Times represents a segment of society that Bill Maher, outspoken atheist and harsh critic of religion of all kinds, doesn’t often go up against; the intelligent, learned Christian. You can watch the engaging back-and-forth between Douthat and Maher for yourself in this video below.

What Does The Video Include?

Maher’s interview of Douthat is set up to talk about his book “Bad Religion.” You can tell that Maher assumes he will have the upper hand in this segment simply because he feels he is more intelligent than anyone claiming to be a person of faith. He is in for a big surprise, though, once the conversation picks up and Douthat starts to answer some difficult theologically questions, succinctly and with intelligence.


What Believers Can Take From The Exchange

The way Douthat as a person of faith remains calm, never losing his cool even when his faith, the belief system that makes up his innermost being, is in essence being ruthlessly attacked by Maher is commendable. There are many “low blow” comments thrown out by Maher under his breath throughout the interview in an effort, you would assume, to draw Douthat into a shouting match. Douthat doesn’t take the bait though and remains cool, calm and collected throughout the whole process. He method in handling such a person is a great example to all believers how we should engage with unbelievers, always remaining calm and respectful, no matter what they might say to try to get us riled.

What The Bible Says About Dealing With Criticism

It is human nature to want to lash back when we are criticized. However, the Bible says, as believers, this is not how we are to act, which is revealed in Proverbs 15:1, which says, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

This is a good verse to keep in mind next time we come up against our own personal Maher.