Angels Helped Me Save My Dad When Car Fell On Him (VIDEO)


He says he was helped by Angels! (screenshot from video below)


What would you do in an emergency situation? Would you be clear-headed and sound enough of mind to react properly? Likely there is no way you will know until faced with just such an instance. Hopefully, you will react as well as little eight-year-old JT Parker who is featured in this video below published by “Faithwire.”

What Happened?

According to the video, little JT, his older brother, and father were working together on a car. The older brother stepped away to tend to something, leaving the dad and young JT outside. Unfortunately, the jack holding up the car being serviced failed, causing the 6000 lb car to fall on JT’s Dad, instantly pinning him. JT’s Dad shouted for him to jack the car back up, and passed out, leaving the boy on his own.


The Boy Wasn’t Alone

Young JT worked diligently with all his might for 15 minutes, desperately trying to save his Dad’s life. Thankfully, he eventually was able to get the car’s weight off his father through the help of a jack. JT believes angels gave him the strength to move the car. As soon as JT was able to get the car’s weight off his father, he ran to get his older brother who called 911 for help.

The Miraculous Outcome

JT’s dad was airlifted to the hospital and miraculously only suffered 13 broken ribs from the whole ordeal. A week after the accident, JT once again tried to lift the car using the same jack and was unsuccessful, no matter how hard he tried. This is further proof that something miraculous happened that day, which allowed JT to do the job he needed to save his father’s life.

Biblical Proof of God’s Help

God promises to help us when we need it. In Psalm 46: 1 the word of God says, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”