Elvis Presley Sings “Glory Glory Hallelujah”


Sunset Boulevard / Getty Images


“Sing forth the honour of his name: make his praise glorious.” – Psalm 66:2, KJV

In Part 2 of Elvis Presley’s Beautiful Faith Songs, let’s take a look at the famous rock star’s fascinating spiritual journey. Many people wouldn’t guess that Elvis was a Christian, but ample evidence proves he actually was. Much like the conviction in his rendition of “Glory Glory Hallelujah,” the gospel songs Elvis sang opened many peoples’ hearts to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and they continue to do so this day.


The Life of A Believing Celebrity

While many music stars saw no merit in the Lord Jesus, Elvis continued to seek Him throughout his life. Did you know that Elvis read the Bible on stage in some of his performances? He also prayed to the Lord numerous times by himself and in prayer groups. Elvis knew that his gift of song was God’s calling, and he did indeed use it to spread the Good News.

Sadly, he struggled with common problems that entangle the music industry, including affairs, relationship strains, mental stress, and drug addiction. He also had an enlarged heart and other health problems. Elvis died at age 47 in Memphis, Tennessee from prescription drug overdose and a heart attack. His body rests with his mother at the meditation garden in Graceland.

Elvis’s Gospel Legacy

Though Elvis passed away, his legacy certainly lives on. There is even an Elvis Gospel Ministry dedicated to spreading the Good News to Elvis fans worldwide on behalf of the singer. Its president Madeleine Wilson wrote the book, “Prayers of Elvis,” which outlines Elvis’s Christian life and is endorsed by his family, including Donna Presley Early, Elvis’s first cousin.

Now watch Elvis singing gospel in the video below!