Does God Want YOU To Go To Church?


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This surprising video touches on a surprising truth. Troy explains that God doesn’t want us to go to church, or have a quiet time or give. Then, he pauses to add the important word, “just.” God doesn’t “just” want us to give, go to church or have a quiet time.

What Does The Bible Say About How Christians Are to Live?

The Bible goes further into the explanation behind Troy’s point in the video. In Matthew 16:24 the holy scripture says, “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.'”


What Does God Want?

God doesn’t “just” want us to come to church, read our Bible once a week and give occasionally. He wants EVERYTHING from us. To think God wants “just” something implies He is an addition to our life, He is just one more thing to take care of or fit into our busy lives. This isn’t at all what God wants from us as believers, though. In order to be totally committed to God, to be considered one of His disciples, we must give our entire beings over to God.

This Commitment Seems Daunting

Some people might feel that this level of commitment to God is too great, too daunting. However, look at all God gave us. He gave us life, breath, a spirit, He made us in our mother’s womb. However, much beyond that, He gave us salvation through the monumental sacrifice of His son Jesus. Jesus died on the cross to pay our sin debt while He was without sin. God gave us His all, so why can’t we give Him our all?

We Can’t Commit on Our Own

In reality, this commitment to Christ is too big for any person. To do this, we have to trust God as our Savior who in turn will come into our spirit and create in us a new creation. This new way of life allows us to commit in the proper way to Christ and consequently give our EVERYTHING to Christ.