How To Have A Marriage Made In Heaven – Christian Relationship Goals


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It is absolutely normal, even God endowed, to want the partnership, love and joy that comes with a loving marriage relationship. After all, in Genesis 2:18, the Word-of-God says, “The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’” This verse shows us that the marriage relationship is something special, something God wants us to have. Watch this video published below to learn more about what is means for a marriage to be made-in-heaven yet lived on earth.


What You Will Learn in the Video

This Part II episode of the Marriage Made in Heaven series explains the goals that should be part of every Christian relationship. The video also speaks towards the problem of neglect, and apathetic attitudes when it comes to keeping a marriage relationship strong. It also goes on to suggest certain attitudes and actions that couples should seek to emulate within their marriage relationship to keep it healthy and God honoring.

Goals All Marriage Relationships Should Emulate

  • Spend time together, pray together, walk together, wash dishes together, do life together in a marriage.

  • Have a sense of humor. Don’t take life so seriously. You can diffuse many situations simply by laughing.

  • Don’t nag each other.

  • Understand each other’s struggles, help carry each other burdens.

  • Have eyes only for each other.

  • Appreciate, compliment and love each other.

  • Don’t be cruel to each other, either physically, emotionally or verbally.

Enjoy this video that outlines what a marriage made-in-heaven looks like on earth. It will also explain how you can transform a marriage that isn’t exactly heavenly into one that more closely resembles God’s original plan for the marriage relationship.