Kids Talk About Jesus (VIDEO)


screenshot from fb video below


Have you ever wondered if kids could comprehend big things like their future, the meaning of life, and Jesus Christ? The video below, captured by Centerville Presbyterian Church, features the kids that regularly go there with their families. It’s a sweet and powerful reminder for us that the Kingdom of God is not complicated. Children really do know what they’re talking about when it comes to their Savior Jesus! Listen now to see for yourself.


Out of the Mouths of Babes

Isn’t that video so adorable? It’s a humble reminder that we can learn a thing or two from young children, too. Here are some of our favorite things that were said in this video:

Speaker: What did Jesus teach?

Kids: “He taught about God.” “He cares for us.” “I think He taught how to be kind to other people.” “God makes our earth. God is good to us.”

Speaker: “Why did some people not like Jesus?”

Kids: “Because people could make their own decisions whether they wanted to follow Him or not.”

Speaker: “What would be a cool miracle for Jesus to do today?”

Kids: “Shrink the earth!”

Speaker: “…Shrink the earth?”

Kids: “Or, make the earth grow bigger!” “That He could fly around with zebra striped wings.” “Make pancakes rain from the sky!”

Speaker: “How do we follow Him?”

Kids: “Just walk walk walk walk…and listen to Him.”

Speaker: “Why do we follow Jesus?”

Kids: “Because we love Him!”

Become like a Child to Live with the King

Do you feel younger watching this video, or suddenly old? Well if it’s the latter, there’s still good news! Learn to have faith like a child does, and you’re well on your way in your spiritual journey.