Miracles Science Simply Cannot Explain


Getty Images / Igor Zhuravlov


Science has brought us many innovations. Medications, technological advances; all are made possible in some part thanks to scientific breakthroughs. However, as great as science is, it should never be used to explain the unexplainable. For example, God’s miracles aren’t something that should be evaluated in the realms of science. This is because science cannot possibly explain God’s incredible miracles. Learn more by viewing this video below.


Extraordinary Events That Have Left Scientists Baffled

  • Our Lady of Akita: This statue of the Virgin Mary was found weeping 101 different times over the span of six years.  The tears were tested and found to be authentic human years, being somehow produced by a statue.
  • Virgin Mary Appearance: Another unexplainable event occurred in a finance building in Florida where the Virgin Mary appeared. The incident happened in 1996 in Clearwater, Florida when an incredibly accurate silhouette of the Virgin Mary appeared in an office building window.
  • Shroud of Turin: According to the video, the Shroud of Turin is supposed to be the cloth in which Jesus was buried after His death on the cross. There is a very dull imprint of a face on the shroud as well as the rest of the body. This allowed experts to recreate what Jesus might have looked like when he walked the earth.

What the Bible Says About the Unexplainable

There are many instances in the Bible where God performs various miracles. There is no reason to assume that just because we are now in the modern era that all the sudden unexplainable miracles or happenings would suddenly stop. Psalm 77:14 reminds us “You are the God who works wonders, You have made known Your might among the peoples.”

Isn’t it wonderful that God’s miracles still occur today? Watch the video in its entirety to learn about even more miracles science can’t explain.