Two Angels Help Man Crushed by 10,000 Pound Truck


A man named Bruce Van Natta in this video has a love of trucks. He worked for himself as a mechanic. Though Bruce did not consider the dangers of working on big trucks this day.

One day Bruce happened to be fixing a pitta bolt logging truck about one hour from his home. The driver that he was working with that day, asked Bruce if he could come up with another problem before he left.


Imagine a big pitta bolt truck. with the front bumper. Bruce slipped underneath this truck. The axel was in the air. It was right across Bruce’s chest.

When Bruce went beneath the truck its jack came off and the position had moved. The weight of these wheels of were located on Bruce’s mid section. It almost crushed him in half. There was not much space where the axel and cement met, maybe an inch. Bruce knew that his body was thinner than an inch. The man jacked the truck up off of him. Bruce asked the man to remove him from under the truck. The man wouldn’t do it because Bruce had a broken back and could tell his pain was dreadful.

Before he knew it, Bruce asked for God to help him. As soon as he did this, every bit of pain Bruce had left him. At this point Bruce’s spirit left his body.

The man that Bruce had with him, had his knees above Bruce’s body. He was talking and saying things like; “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”. Bruce then saw there were two Angels on each side of Bruce. They were higher than the man’s head. The Angels did not have wings. They were just very broad shoulders and radiated a bright light all around them. Their arms were located on Bruce under the truck. However, they were not lifting the truck but all Bruce could now feel was peace and he could not put this peace into words.

Bruce knew he needed to make a decision. It was to die or to live. He had two different voices in his head telling him different things. Once he decided on the voice to listen to, he soon received his spirit again.

As Bruce was flown to hospital he was conscious. The doctors did not think Bruce would make it.

But Bruce knew that the Angels were there to help him.

Bruce was in hospital for more than two months. He made it through several operations.

His weight dropped to 125 pounds. All kinds of people prayed and gave him lots of assistance.

One day Bruce had a surprise visitor turn up at the hospital. This surprise guest was there to pray for Bruce. After that he was soon able to eat again. He also gained weight back up to 170 pounds and started to heal better than normal. He was blown away at each miracle after miracle that led him to being healthy again.

You’ve got to check out this story in the video below!