Walmart Employee Gives Disabled Customer Manicure After Salon Refuses


The verse, often referred to as the “Golden Rule,” is found in Luke 6:31 and says, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” In this video published by Good Morning America, you will see one woman putting this verse into practice by serving as the hands of Christ.


What Happened?

This situation occurred at a Wal-Mart in Burton, Michigan. Apparently, a disabled woman, Angela Peters, wanted to get a manicure form the nail salon within the Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, the salon wouldn’t give the Peters a manicure, stating that due to her disability, she would be unable to hold still long enough for them to perform the manicure.

How One Woman Took Things into Her Own Hands

A Wal-Mart employee, cashier Ebony Harris, overheard the exchange and decided to step in and take things into her own hands, literally. During her break, she purchased some nail polish with the help of Peters, allowing her to choose her own paint. Then, Harris spent her break painting Peters’ hands in her preferred sparkly blue color.

What Disability Did Peters Have?

Angela Peters, who is 36 years of age, has cerebral palsy. This condition does cause her hands to shake. However, her disability didn’t hinder Harris at all from trying to make Peters feel special by painting her nails. It just took a little extra patience and a lot of extra kindness.

What We Can Learn as Believers?

As Christians, we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ and minister to others. Harris shows us exactly what that looks like in real life. Simply to take time out of our day to make another’s happier is one example of how we can serve Christ in a practical manner.